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Does anyone have experience with better quality OP AMPS like the Burson V5 or V6  Dash1 with the Kenwood Basic C1 or C2
What shall this Type do better than other OPs?   Floet

By the way, I will fetch some popcorn....

These Kenwood amps are fucking cheap stuff. You waste money with better parts, keeping the bad overall component quality. Nakamichi ca5 ist much superior, Rotel 850 also. Both items are a cheap affair, but much better than the Kenwoods.
Nichts ist so mächtig wie eine Idee, deren Zeit gekommen ist.
What exactly is better ? The sound, the quality or what else?

in 1982 the german magazines wrote, that the Kenwood C-1 and M-1 combination is absolutely high-class hifi. I dont know what could be better in other preamplifiers nor in other OP-amps. Maybe they have less noise - but much below anyone could be able to hear it.

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